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After years of research, I determined to marry ToxicFree to Luxury skincare formulations which nourish the body, mind, and soul.

And that is when CHARLÍS was born!

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CHARLÍS founder Charlene Bollinger is the co-founder of ‘The Truth About Cancer’ and documentary filmmaker. Charlene’s content brought awareness to millions of people, exposing the truth about vaccines, Big Pharma, and cancer-causing agents that were being placed into unsuspecting consumer’s everyday products- especially in their skin care. She discovered the “dirty little secret” in the beauty industry that they don’t want you to know. Large amounts of toxic chemicals, plastics, and hormone disruptors are being intentionally placed into a majority of conventional skincare lines that can seep into your skin, enter your bloodstream, and cause cancers, diseases, and even infertility.

After learning the truth about conventional skincare products being so dangerously toxic, Charlene went on a quest to find the best “ToxicFree” line of skincare products to use and share with family, friends, and the millions of fans who were asking what they should be using, too. But the “non-toxic” products she found lacked the luxurious feel she had become accustomed to using. There was nothing on the market she could confidently tell her community to use.

Charlene was determined to formulate the world’s best line of ToxicFree skincare products herself and bring this gift to the world. It had to be both effective and luxurious, which was what was lacking in everything she tried available on the market at the time she was searching. It had to be a skincare line that feels like silk on the skin, is effective, but most importantly, is 100% toxic FREE.

This is why CHARLÍS was created. After much trial and research, our team created the most luxurious, beautiful, vibrant citrus smelling and efficacious fragrant products that are infused with many wonderful anti-aging, skin, and mood boosting ingredients and can be enjoyed by both men and women. We've reached the pinnacle, crafting top-tier skincare formulations, and take pride in delivering nothing but excellence with each CHARLÍS Luxury Skincare product we offer.

The difference between “non-toxic” vs “ToxicFree”

According to the FDA, the skincare industry can market their products as “non-toxic” to consumers as long as their product only contains up to 49% toxic ingredients.

The CHARLÍS luxury skincare line is ToxicFree, meaning that there are ZERO toxins, while still preserving the luxurious feel and efficacy of these high quality ingredients, stored in high-vibrational Italian glass, NEVER poisonous plastics.

Made with real Apple Stem Cells, Organic Citrus Paradisi Peel oil, and Alpine Rose, you will feel the difference as CHARLÍS nourishes your skin and boosts your mood.

Discover the CHARLÍS difference today.

Honestly, nothing else compares to this line of luxury, ToxicFree skincare! Just listen to what Russell Brand has to say about CHARLÍS:

We recommend our CHARLÍS Face Collection Products be used in the following order:

  1. Daily Facial Cleanser
  2. Nourishing Anti-Aging Toner
  3. Breath of Life Oxygen Face Serum
  4. Restorative Anti-Aging Overnight Serum
  5. Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer
  6. Orange Blossom Lip Balm

What is the difference?    "Non-Toxic" vs. "ToxicFree"

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) defines a “toxic” product as one that “can produce personal injury or illness to humans when it is inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through the skin.”   The product also must kill 50% (or more) of a group of lab rats to be considered “toxic.” Amazingly, if a substance kills 49% of its test subjects, it can still legally label itself “non-toxic”!

According to the ToxicFree Foundation, a “Toxic Free” product “has been created without the use of any potentially toxic, carcinogenic, or poisonous ingredients that could be questionable in safety.”   ToxicFree certified products are guaranteed to be completely free from harmful chemicals, contain only ingredients that are 100% natural and from the earth, and manufactured sustainably and are safe for the environment.

It is our great pleasure to bring you our newest skincare line - the amazing CHARLÍS Orange Blossom Body Collection which includes our top of the line body products:

  • Shower Gel
  • Body Lotion
  • Body Butter

The Bold, the Beautiful, the Unafraid ToxicFree